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Briefly in english

Custom printed and embroidered shirts – Briefly in english

We are a textile printing company located in Olari, Espoo, offering high quality custom printed and embroidered products.

  • We do not print individual shirts or while waiting. 
  • We only print logos on to shirts we sell and use the highest quality printing colours resulting in durable prints. 
  • PRICING: The product cards of the textiles show information and prices of our sortiment. The products that you pick in the shopping basket will not be ordered or reserved for you at this stage, so you are free to try different options and thus quickly get a price estimate for your order.
  • SORTIMENT: The product cards are in Finnish, but we are happy to translate them to you when necessary. If you can't find what you are looking for on our pages, don't worry, just send us an email or give us a call and we will find it for you.
  • LOGO-PRINTING: We print or embroider anything from basic t-shirts to performance sportswear to workwear to bags and headwear with your logo, text, photograph or drawing. Pricing for 1-coloured print can be seen at 1-värinen painatus tekstiiliin.
  • DESIGN: The print house is owned by the advertising agency Designia Oy, so we also provide sterling graphic design when needed.

Order quantities, minimum 10–40 pieces

Printing technique and pricing depends on the logo. Minimum order quantities are following:
  • UNPRINTED: 10 articles: Unprinted textiles.
  • PRINT: 10 articles: Hotmark (Vinyl Printed) - single colour, full colour text or a simple drawing. Lines must be at least 2 mm wide.
  • PRINT: 20 articles: Heat Transfer - multicolour logos, photograph or a 3D-object.
  • PRINT: 40 articles: Screen Print or DTG-digiprint - larger quantities, large print areas, many coloured logos. This is the most durable printing technique.
  • EMBROIDERY WITH A THREAD: 20 articles: Embroidery - full coloured objects, also multicolour logos. Very durable.
  • Minimum order quantity means that every article will be printed with the same text or object. An exeption to this are garments that will have a unique number or name printed on them, for example sports team shirts. The same minimum quantities apply to these as well.
  • Your order can consist of a selection of products in different sizes, colors and models. This means you don't necessarily have to order 10 pieces of black t-shirts in the same size, everybody can get a shirt their own size and favourite color! Further information in finnish can be found from the page Tekstiilitilaukset.


  • GARMENTS: For which garments would you like us to give you the prices for?
  • QUANTITY: In a large order the price per product will be cheaper than in a smaller order. For small orders like under 100 garments, there will be small order surcharge, Pientilauslisä.
  • LOGO: By sending us a picture of the print you would like we are able to tell wich printing technique is best suited for it and give you the best price. You are more than welcome to consult us regarding where to place the objects, in wich size and colour. A design with many colours and objects will affect the price since each colour and object is printed separately. The best material format is vector based PDF-file.
  • Please remember that the customer is responsible for all the copyrights in the order.
  • TIMETABLE: Tell us when you need the order to be ready. Is there perhaps an event to which the products are needed?
  • BUDGET: You can also tell us your budget and we can advice the best option for you.
  • Further information in finnish is found on page Tarjouspyyntö. Please contact us via e-mail, Yhteystiedot.

Fitting the clothes and visiting our press premise

We always recommend to try out the products before placing an order! However, we would always first like to give you the estimated price of your order. Also we would like to know in advace which textiles you are interested in. This gives us time to make sure all the garments are available for you and pack them. 

  • We have 300m2 showroom and office. If you want to come to our office to try on the garments please schedule a meeting in advance. We are open on weekdays from 10AM to 5PM. The basic fitting appointment time in our showroom is about half an hour, unless a longer time has been agreed upon. This is included in the pricing when you order from us.
  • We can pack the garments for you to pick up at our premises and do the fitting at your workplace.
  • We can also send you the garments by postal parcel, by Cash On Delivery.
  • When you lend the samples from us, the fitting period is usually one week from delivery. A longer fitting period always has to be agreed to in advance.
  • The garments must be returned in good shape. Please do not try on our clothes when you are sweaty. Also be careful not to mess the textiles with make-up. Unreturned, clearly damaged or worn products will be charged according to our price list.
  • Our address is Designia Oy / Porukkapaita.fi, Kuunkehrä 2, 02210 Espoo. Please also add our contact persons name and number

Placing an order, delivery and billing

For your order we need the sizes and colours of textiles, logo and timetable + the following information:
  • DELIVERY: Picking up your products from our office is free, prices for post (A Postal parcel with pickup from your nearest postal outlet or Parcel to the Doorstep) or courier service at the greater Helsinki area can be seen at the page Tilauksen toimituskulut.
  • BILLING INFORMATION: We need the full name of the company, address and the VAT identification number of the party being billed. Also remember to include a possible digital billing address. Our print premise is not a shop, so we do not have a cash register and therefore we always bill. 
    • Private customer - we charge beforehand.
    • Company - then we can acquire a credit decision. In order to acquire a credit decision one must have a clean credit history. In this case we bill small or normal sized orders with a 14 day credit.
    • In case of a bigger order, such as over 2000 euros, we usually require payment in advance.
  • CONFIRMATION OF ORDER: Confirmation of order with a digital print simulation, that you will recieve before we start the actual producing, is included in our pricing - however, as our designers are professionals, having a digital proof requires a steady order. You will get a PDF-document summarizing all the information regarding your chosen amounts and types of textiles, schedule, delivery methods and billing information. We will start printing your products, once you have confirmed that everything is correct in the confirmation. If the order is cancelled after the proof has been processed, we will still charge the designers work and pressing films.

How to take proper care of your textiles

When washing the shirts in a machine turn the shirts inside out. Do not tumble dry, do not use fabric softener. Avoid drying the garment on a hot surface, like a radiator, because the heat will melt the glue attaching the print to the fabric. Always remember to wash the clothes before use!

Us as a company

We are a socially and environmentally responsible company, determined to compete in quality, shipment reliability and good customer service. For further information in finnish and pictures of our showroom, click Meistä.
  • We are a 100% Finnish company and a member of the Suomen Yrittäjät (The Federation of Finnish Enterprises), Espoon Yrittäjät (The Federation of Espoo Enterprises), Helsingin seudun kauppakamari (Helsinki Chamber of Commerce) and Yrittäjänaiset (The Association of Women Entrepreneurs). Our credit rating is the highest AAA (Bisnode Finland, since 2015).
  • We are a company with honest means and legitimate principles. We fill all the requirements for Tilaajavastuulaki (the Subscriber Responsibility Law) and so we are privileged to have the right to use Luotettava Kumppani (a responsible confederate-label).
  • Our company also has an environmental program. We also observe the ecological and ethical sides of our textile assortment. You can also choose to order ecological options from us.
  • OUR CONTACT INFORMATION can be found at Yhteystiedot. We are happy to advice you with anything concerning our textiles via telephone, but we always give the pricing via e-mail.